Behind The Scenes: When You Think Earthquake, Think Fire Safety Too

San Francisco has experienced large earthquakes in its history, the earthquake of 1906, and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquakeIn both cases, fire was an immediate result of the ground shaking. In 1906, fires razed huge swaths of the city, while in 1989, fires were confined to a handful of buildings. For some reason though, fire is something that few people prepare for when it comes to earthquakes.

Luckily, preventing fires after an earthquake is an easy skill to acquire. Once you learn these simple fire safety steps, you will be better prepared to survive an earthquake and recover from its aftermath.

We taught Geena the Latina how to use one in two minutes, so we are sure you can master this skill with ease.

Earthquake Fire Safety

Next, figure out where your gas main is and learn how to turn off your gas main.  This was another thing that Geena had never even thought of.

We showed her where the gas shutoff for her house was and how to turn it off.  What can YOU do to prevent fire/put out fire? First, learn to use a fire extinguisher and keep one on hand.

Third, be fire smart after an earthquake, follow safe practices when cooking and using candles or open flame. You may have several days without power, so use safe practices when preparing food or creating heat sources.

With these simple steps, you are on your way to being totally prepared for preventing fire after an earthquake.  Now wasn’t that easy?

By: Elizabeth Rood