Best Emergency Lights 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Power failures are an annoying but common occurrence that can turn our work upside down. This is even more so during natural disasters such as storms or earthquakes when there is no guarantee of when the power will return.

Emergency lights emerge as a savior in such situations, rescuing us from being surrounded by darkness. For this reason, having a powerful emergency light is essential for every household. Moreover, these come extremely handy for lighting up outdoor spaces as well in the absence of electricity.

The perfect emergency light needs to be strong and portable and also offer enough brightness to help you go on with your tasks without hindrance.

While choosing the best emergency light for survival can be difficult, we have tried to make the task easier for you by listing down some of the top products that are ruling the market right now! Take a look at the list below to find the perfect one that suits all your needs.

Top 12 Best Emergency Lights 2021

1. Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Vont Lantern Best Emergency Light

The Vont LED camping lantern is a very useful product that gives off enough light to light up the biggest room. With 30 high-quality LED bulbs that are arranged to offer 360-degree lighting, you can be ready to combat sudden power failures easily.

The emergency light is powered by 6 AA batteries, which are included with the product. It is very energy-efficient, providing more than 90 hours of usage. This itself is around 3 times the battery-life of regular emergency lights!

Due to its unique design, you can customize the amount of light that it emits. You can expand or collapse it to make the light brighter or dimmer as per your needs. Also, it comes with metal handles that make it easy to hang up both indoors and outdoors.

The lantern is made of high-quality aircraft-grade materials that stay undamaged even if you drop it from a height of 10 feet. It can also withstand temporary submersion in water, making it ideal for carrying out even on rainy days.

Also, it is super easy to carry due to the patented design that makes it collapsible. The collapsed lantern is compact enough to easily fit in your backpack, making it one of the best emergency lights for your outdoor adventures!

And last but not the least, it comes with a lifetime warranty that safeguards the product from material and manufacturing defects and theft!


  • 30 LED lights
  • Collapsible
  • Over 90 hours of battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Tough and durable
  • Pack of 2


  • The super bright light can sometimes be harsh on the eyes


2. Etekcity LED Camping Lanterns

Etekcity LED Camping LanternsThis pack of two superb emergency lanterns featuring 30 super-bright LED bulbs is sure to make your life easier by brightening up your surroundings with their 360° lighting.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of locating a tiny on or off button in the dark, as it can be turned on by simply pulling the handles upwards. This also allows you to control the amount of light emitted by the emergency light.

It comes preinstalled with 6 AA batteries, which makes it long-lasting. The LEDs help save energy, thus allowing the lantern to last for up to 30 hours even when used continuously! It can be expanded and collapsed to control the amount of light, and the fully collapsed lamp is great for storage due to its compactness.

The lantern lid also has a hollow space that is enough for storing small items such as keys or batteries.

Military-grade ABS material is used in its construction, which makes it a very durable product. It is also RoHS compliant, and FCC certified. The versatile design makes it equally suitable for all outdoor and indoor uses.


  • 30 efficient LEDs
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Compact and durable
  • Has a small storage space


  • Can malfunction if accidentally submerged in water


3. LE Battery Powered LED Camping Lantern

LE Battery Powered LED Camping Lantern

This 360-degree emergency light from LE comes with a brightness of 1000 lumens that is enough to perfectly light up a large area. The product is suitable for multipurpose use both indoors and outdoor, keeping you covered during power outages as well as camping trips.

It requires 3 type D batteries to run, which makes it run efficiently for long hours continuously. It is highly resistant to water and is not damaged by splashes.

You can choose from 4 light modes in this lantern, which can be adjusted by short-pressing the on-off switch to get the desired brightness.

Also, you can easily hang the lantern as it comes with hooks on both ends. The bottom hook is especially useful when you require to light up a larger area. In such cases, you can remove the cap before hanging it upside down to brighten up the surrounding area.


  • 4 light modes
  • Waterproof
  • 1000 lumens brightness
  • Has hooks on both top and button for hanging


  • Changing batteries can be a bit difficult due to the design of the product
  • The flashing green light it emits when the batteries are correctly installed may be annoying for some people
  • Is not compatible with rechargeable batteries


4. LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

Another awesome product from the same brand, this lantern is a versatile product that will make you fall in love with its features! With a power of 1000 lumens, and 360-degree lighting, this is a great option for all your outdoor camps or picnics, in addition to household use.

This rechargeable emergency light comes with a battery capacity of 4400 mAh, which makes it suitable for use over long durations without worries! It comes with 4 lighting modes (white light, warm light, combined light, and flashlight mode) with variable brightness levels that can be adjusted by pressing the designated button.

It features hooks on both ends to make it easy to hang. The bottom hook allows you to hang it upside down to get a more brightly lit area. It is resistant to water and can handle small splashes of water or rain. But submerging it in water is not recommended.

And last but not the least, it also functions as a power bank that you can use for charging your phone if needed. This unique and convenient feature makes it one of the best emergency lights on our list!


  • 4 light modes
  • Can function as a power bank
  • Rechargeable
  • Portable


  • Can get damaged if partially or fully submerged in water


5. Ezorkas 2 Pack Camping Lanterns


Convenient to store and carry, the EZORKAS camping lanterns offer a 360 degree light that is bright enough to meet all your needs. This pack of 2 collapsible emergency lights is a perfect addition to your travel backpack or home.

This unique lantern is rechargeable and can run on batteries too. Featuring a rechargeable 18650 battery built into the device, it assures you of long-lasting power. Alternatively, it can be run on 3 AA batteries to ensure continuous use even if you do not have any facility to recharge it during travels.

It has COB LED bulbs that are guaranteed to give you the brightest light. The amount of brightness can be adjusted due to its collapsible design. Also, you get 4 different lighting modes.

The top of the lantern has a flashlight that you can use without expanding the body of the product. It also has a red warning light which can be used to indicate danger. The base features strong magnets that can be attached to any metal surface to allow ease of use.

The body of the emergency light is made of top quality material that can handle moderately rough use. It is also unaffected by small splashes of water, so you can rest assured of carrying it out in the rain.


  • Rechargeable plus can run on batteries too
  • Collapsible design
  • 4 lighting modes
  • Durable and water-resistant


  • Some people may find the light to be too bright and hurtful to the eyes
  • Battery life is not that great


6. LE Rechargeable LED Lantern

LE Rechargeable LED Lantern

Are you looking for a super-compact emergency light that you can easily carry with you wherever you go? This small and stylish lantern from LE might just be the one you need!

It features a 3000mAh polymer battery that can be recharged via a USB cable provided with the lantern. The cable is wrapped around the body of the lamp to save space and give it a sleek look. Also, it comes with a blue battery indicator light so that you know how much power is left and charge it accordingly.

You get 3 lighting modes for optimum control over the brightness level. The battery can last up to 11 hours depending on the lighting mode used.

It can be hung easily via 2 built-in loops to conveniently light up an area. There are also magnets on it which makes it easy to attach to any metal surface in case you don’t find anything to hang it on.

The small size of the lantern makes it ideal for carrying with you on all your outdoor trips and camps. It is also water-resistant, which makes it quite immune to splashes from rain.


  • 3 light modes
  • Small and lightweight
  • Rechargeable
  • Can function as a power bank to charge your phone


  • Is not sturdy enough


7. LuminAid PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

The LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 is among the best emergency lights that you can opt for in terms of power efficiency and performance.

This awesome product can be recharged in two ways – you can either charge it via a USB cable or simply put it out in direct sunlight for charging. This is undoubtedly a great way to save power. Also, you do not have to worry about how to charge it if you are out camping in the wild!

It has a 2000 mAh battery that can last for a long time. You also get 5 different light settings. The brightness is 150 lumens, which is enough to light up small spaces.

The emergency light is extremely lightweight and can be deflated to easily fit in your bag or purse. It also functions as a power bank, so you don’t need to worry about your phone running out of charge!

One of its best features is its durability. It is very tough and remains undamaged even if you drop it. Also, it is waterproof and works fine even if you submerge it in water. Thus, it is a perfect product for people who love traveling and camping!


  • 5 light modes
  • Solar and USB rechargeable
  • Can function as a power bank
  • Compact


  • The lantern is not bright enough to light up a larger area


8. Energizer LED Camping Lantern

Energizer LED Camping Lantern

This camping lantern from Energizer with 500 lumens power is sure to keep you covered during power failures and outdoor activities.

You can use either 3 Energizer MAX D batteries to run it at maximum power, or 3 Energizer MAX AA batteries for lower brightness. The battery lasts for up to 650 hours when used in low mode, so you can rest assured of not running out of light anytime soon!

It comes with 3 different light settings – a high, low, and a night mode to suit all your requirements. Also, the switch-on button is super easy to locate even in the absence of light as it is made of glow-in-the-dark material.

Constructed with water-resistant materials, this product can withstand splashes without malfunctioning. Also, it is made of a durable material that is sure to last for years!


  • 3 light modes
  • Glow-in-the-dark switch
  • 500 lumens power


  • The brightness is not enough for lighting up a large area


9. Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern

Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern

The Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern is a versatile product that gives you the flexibility to use it just the way you want.

Featuring handles or hooks at the top, bottom, and sides, it can be hung to offer a 360-degree illumination or carried to provide a unidirectional flow of light as and when you require! These collapsible lanterns use 3 AA type batteries to operate, which come included with the pack.

There are 4 different light modes that you can choose from, which includes a flashlight and an SOS light for emergencies. The lantern can last up to 16 hours of continuous use depending on the chosen light mode.

The base is magnetic, making it ideal to attach with any metal surfaces for hands-free use. Also, the magnet is strong enough to hold it in position without any chances of it falling off.


  • 4 light modes
  • Magnetic base
  • Long-lasting


  • The brightness could be a bit better


10. Thorfire LED Camping Lantern

Thorfire LED Camping Lantern

Looking for the best emergency light that is small enough to carry in your pocket? We have the perfect product for you right here!

The Thorfire LED Camping Lantern is a small and versatile product that you can use both as a lamp and a flashlight. It can be stretched into a bright lantern to light up a comparatively large area and becomes a mini flashlight when folded.

It is super lightweight, making it effortless to carry everywhere, and has 2 light modes to serve your purposes.

Featuring a rechargeable battery, it saves you the trouble of buying and changing batteries over and over again. Also, you need not worry if you don’t have a power source nearby and run out of charge – this unique lantern can be charged by hand cranking during emergencies.

The smart protection chip inside it makes sure that the lantern stays protected from overcharging or excess current, making it long-lasting. Also, you can charge your phone by connecting it to the product, so no need for an extra power bank while you travel!


  • 2 light modes
  • Small and lightweight
  • Rechargeable
  • Smart protection chip


  • Brightness is average


11. Wsky LED Camping Lantern

Wsky LED Camping Lantern

The Wsky LED camping lantern is a multifunctional product that is durable and weather resistant. Featuring two 18650 rechargeable batteries, this provides you with both unidirectional and all-around illumination.

With six lighting modes covering the front flashlight and the side lantern, you get the perfect lighting for all your household and outdoor needs. It also features a red warning light that you can use to signal danger.

The lantern doubles up as a power bank for your mobile devices, so you can rest assured of not running out of charge while on a camping trip. It has a two-way hook that makes hanging it anywhere an effortless task.

The rubber body makes it durable and keeps it protected even when it comes in contact with water, so you can use it in all weather conditions without worries! Last but not the least, you get a free travel pouch that makes it easy to carry to all places.


  • Rechargeable
  • Power bank functionality
  • 6 lighting modes


  • Is not very impact-resistant


12. Energizer 4-in-1 LED Power Failure Night Light

Energizer 4-in-1 LED Power Failure Night Light

Looking for the best emergency lighting for a power outage that is ideal for indoor use? This compact product is sure to exceed all your expectations. The Energizer 4-in-1 LED light packs in four different products into one – you get a night lamp, an emergency flashlight, a tabletop light, and a power-failure light!

You don’t need any batteries to operate this product, just plug it in an electrical socket for charging, and you are good to go! The LED lights are extremely power-efficient and last for a long time with each charge.

It features a light sensor that automatically turns on the light at night and turns it off during the day. So you don’t have to move around in the dark searching for it during sudden power cuts, as it will light up by itself!

The unique design makes it suitable for use at any corner of your house either by attaching it to a plug point or simply putting it on top of a table! Also, the backside plug can be folded up to make storage easy.


  • Compact
  • Rechargeable
  • Light-sensing functions
  • Versatile


  • The light is of medium brightness
  • The plastic material is not as durable


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Emergency Light

With so many options in the market, you might be wondering how to choose the best emergency light that meets all your requirements. While a large number of high-quality products do make it difficult to make a choice, keeping some things in mind can make your task easier!

To help you make the right choice, here we have listed down a few of the important factors that you should consider while choosing an emergency light to ensure long-term satisfaction. Take a look below!

1. Material

The lifespan of emergency lights is highly dependent on the quality of the materials it is made up of. While selecting the best emergency light, you should make sure that it is made of durable material that is not prone to breaking.

Also, if you plan to buy it for outdoor use, you need to ensure that it is made of military-grade materials that can withstand impacts and shocks. Also, water-resistant material is ideal as it keeps the light protected even if it is raining.

2. Brightness

Brightness is a major factor that you should consider while selecting the light suited to your needs. The brightness of emergency lights is measured in lumens – the higher the value, the more bright the emitted light will be.

If you want an emergency light for household use only, you can go for one with moderate or slightly lower power. On the other hand, if you wish to light up a larger area such as a campsite, a light with a higher lumen value is the most preferable option.

3. Size

Size is another important factor when choosing the best emergency light. A smaller light will be easier to carry and use in comparison to a more bulky one.

The ideal size depends on whether you aim to use it indoors or outdoors. A bigger emergency light will not pose much of a problem for indoor use. But it will be difficult to carry around for outdoor trips if it is heavier and takes up a large amount of space.

So, identify the size requirements depending on the intended use of the lamp to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

4. Battery Type And Capacity

Emergency lights can run on external batteries or in-built rechargeable ones. Rechargeable lanterns are more preferable as you don’t need to change batteries frequently when the previous ones are exhausted. But at the same time, these may not work if you do not have a usable charging point nearby and your light has run out of charge.

Lights running on external batteries are free from such problems, but you need to carry spare batteries with you for emergencies. Also, more battery capacity means more hours of light for you, so make sure to choose one which has a higher capacity and is power-efficient.

Best Emergency Lights – Conclusion

Power outages can literally put our lives to a standstill, and more so if it happens after dusk. In such cases, emergency lights come to our rescue. These can not only help illuminate our surroundings during power cuts or the general absence of electricity during outdoor trips, but some can also function as portable power banks for charging our phones!

Deciding on the ideal emergency light can be more difficult than it seems, mainly due to the many choices we get. To choose the one that meets all your requirements perfectly, you need to make sure that it meets all the criteria in terms of its size, battery capacity, type, material, and brightness levels.

To help you in choosing a product that would satisfy all the above criteria, we have described some of the best emergency lights out there in the market. We have made sure to include a detailed description of each of the products to make it easier for you to select the right one.

While all the above products are unique and great in their own right, it is recommended that you take a look at all of them before deciding on the one that appeals most to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best Lantern For Power Outages?

Emergency lights or lanterns enable you to effectively deal with sudden power cuts by providing enough light to help you do all your work.

Some of the best emergency lights that can help you keep the darkness at bay during power outages include the LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern, the Wsky LED Camping Lantern, the Energizer 4-in-1 LED Power Failure Night Light, and the Etekcity LED Camping Lantern.

Q2. How Long Should An Emergency Light Last?

There can be no predetermined time frame for the life of an emergency light. Its lifespan is dependent on numerous factors, including its battery type, battery capacity, materials, and the way it is used. That said, a good quality emergency light will probably last for years if kept in good condition.