Best Survival Sleeping Bags 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Everyone wants to head out and camp under the stars once in a while. It may be to your backyard, but there is always a chance you heed the call of the adventurer in you.

If you decide to go trekking, follow a trail of go hiking and mountaineering, there is always the need to make sure you are carrying the best gear. The right gear, up to the right sleeping bag, can affect your survivability out in the wild.

While it is not all about comfort, it is also not as easy as finding the one that is the right size or temperature. Finding the best survival sleeping bags involve going through several points.


Now, take a look at some of the best survival sleeping bags out there, go through them, their advantages, disadvantages, and more.

The right survival sleeping bag is bound to be your best friend on this trip, so make sure you choose wisely. It plays a significant role in how you spend your days by trekking, and these are some of the most flexible, warm, and light models that are out for grabs. Be sure to make the most of this list!

Top 10 Best Survival Sleeping Bags 2021

1. ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag Best Survival Sleeping Bag

This is one of the best survival sleeping bags for your summer hiking and camping trips. Lightweight and small, it can easily be carried and packed. You’ll be comfortably warm on warm nights, and it is breathable enough.

It is also great for taller people, which is not very common in a sleeping bag. It also comes with a carrying pouch. The high-quality materials are most definitely a plus point. With durable waterproof nylon for the outer shell and breathable polyester on the inner lining, it is quite soft against the skin.

TC cotton is used as a filling, making it perfect for insulation and comfort. You can even unzip it completely to function as a quilt, and it comes with a one-year warranty.

It has many cool features like being water-resistant, machine washable, and being easy to stow a sleep sack that fits your backpack.

The ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag is definitely an excellent choice for your trips, but it is true that it is best suited for warm weather.

Stay prepared!


  • Fits large people
  • Quite spacious in design
  • Removable lining
  • Outer Shell is waterproof.


  • Only two colors available
  • Occasional zipper snagging might cause issues.


2. Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Being stranded in the wild is not exactly picture perfect. If it is a wet stormy day, it is likely to be difficult to survive on your own. If you do not have the right gear to get you through such a day, Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag is a great place to start.

This thermal bivy has been made to enhance your odds of survival. It is made with a highly durable 26um mylar, resistant to wear and tear, and suited for multiple uses. This means it has your back in those extreme conditions.

The sealed seam is a great addition to the product, along with the fact that its interior is reflective. It retains 90 percent of your body heat and protects you from hypothermia. It can be used as a survival shelter or a sleeping bag, thanks to the ParaSynch drawstring that helps secure and repair your gear.

It comes with an emergency whistle of 120 decibels. In case you are ever stranded, you can use it to get people’s attention up to a mile away.

Get yours today!


  • Weatherproof
  • Tear and puncture-resistant
  • Survival whistle included
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Flaky inside
  • Crunchy sound


3. Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag

Delmera Emergency Sleeping Bag

It’s true what they say; great things come in small packages. This unassuming emergency sleeping bag is a lifesaver. Available in green if you need to blend into your surroundings and orange in case you might need to attract the attention of someone, Delmera emergency sleeping bags are a great addition to your survival kit.

You can store it in your bug out bag, an emergency box of your car, or a glove box. This insulating mylar bag gives you emergency protection from the forces of nature.

It also reflects 90 percent of your body heat. This will reduce the chance of you going into shock due to extreme cold.

The tear and puncture-resistant coating do a pretty decent job of protecting the 26um thick mylar bag.

The aluminized PE interior resists rain, wind, and snow, making it a great partner to see you through your trekking or hunting trips. There is no ventilation to get rid of condensation, which may be a little uncomfortable for extended periods.

Check it out!


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Weather-proof
  • Environment-friendly materials


  • Not sufficient ventilation to dry out condensation. It might feel wet to touch.
  • No means of constricting the opening


4. Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bag

Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bag

These emergency bivvy sleeping bags are definitely a great companion on your trips and camps. It can retain a fair amount of body heat, which prevents hypothermia and the like. The extra-thick mylar can take a good amount of wear and tear, making it the right choice.

The compact and lightweight nature of these bags makes them easy to store. In addition, this sleeping bag comes in a Nylon case, which means you can keep it anywhere. You can even use it as an extra lining inside your sleeping bag for some extra warmth.

You will always be prepared for the unexpected with Zmoon Emergency sleeping bags.

Find it here!


  • Extra thick material
  • Can withstand extreme conditions
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Good price


  • Stretch marks that show as discolorations
  • It might not be a good fit for extremely tall people.
  • Crinkling sound


5. Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Sleeping Bag

Don't Die In The Woods Emergency Sleeping Bag

This durable emergency sleeping bag is durable and exceptionally well constructed. One can use it in a number of ways. The mylar body makes sure to retain up to 90% of body heat. It can fit most people, and in case of an emergency, it acts as an emergency shelter.

It is designed for multiple-use and can comfortably sit in a camping bag. It is quite challenging to figure out how to stuff it back into the bag, which might cause a few difficulties in reusing it.

What’s more, it could tear from the edges if one is not too careful. It is available in five different sizes, which is outstanding. The hoodie also helps to trap 10% more body heat than other sleeping bags of the same kind.

It might be a slight learning curve to learn how to get multiple uses, but other than that, this is a wholesome emergency sleeping back that is a beautiful addition to your gear.

Check out the options!


  • Great packaging
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • It fits most people due to extra large sizing.
  • The hood helps retain more body heat.


  • Might tear from edges if not handled with care
  • Difficult to fit back into the pouch
  • Not fireproof
  • It may not work for multiple-time use.


6. Survive Outdoors Longer

Survive Outdoors Longer

S.O.L, which stands for Survive Outdoors Longer, is an emergency blanket that can help in even the direst circumstances. It reflects more than 70 percent of body heat and is completely weatherproof.

It is lightweight and compact, making it suitable for travel. It traps warm air and prevents loss of body heat. The soft material is also tear-resistant. This makes it dependable and reusable and can be used in the harshest of situations like mountaineering.

It can act as a stand-alone sleep system or an extra layer of lining with a sleeping bag. S.O.L sleeping bags give you extra warmth and protection and act as a slipcover against the elements of nature.


  • Large enough to use as a shelter
  • Smell to wildlife


  • No breathability


7. Bearhard Emergency Sleeping Bag

Bearhard Emergency Sleeping Bag

Bearhard definitely lives up to its name with a number of modifications to a regular sleeping bag. The PE material used does not allow the insulation layer to be peeled off. It also helps retain up to 90 percent of body heat.

The sealed seams do not allow leakage or tearing. In addition, the survival sleeping bag is low noise when you twist and turn. A survival alarm is also part of the kit, and this is one of the best survival sleeping bags to add to your bug bag.

Find one for yourself!


  • Acts as sleeping bag, survival shelter, and thermal emergency blanket
  • Equipped with survival whistles
  • Super compact
  • 40um thickness unlike the usual mylar blankets
  • Sealed seams
  • Low noise


  • Seamed all the way, which means the head has to be inside, which might be suffocating


8. Leberna Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag

Leberna Thermal Emergency Sleeping Bag

Leberna Emergency sleeping bags let you explore the wilderness and sleep safely at night. With a five-layer coating to make high-quality mylar, this material is quite warm. It retains body heat and is very affordable.

The extra-large size lets most people fit in, and they deflect heat if you are ever trapped in the scorching heat. They are compact and durable. The only problem faced by some users is the accumulation of condensation. You can solve it by air drying.

Get yours!


  • Extra-large size fits most people.
  • Highly compact
  • Five layers
  • Strong and durable


  • Tears easily
  • Noisy
  • No breathability


9. JYSW Emergency Sleeping Bags

JYSW Emergency Sleeping Bags

This is a trusty emergency sleeping bag. It is compact and can easily be slipped into your car’s glove box or your gear. It has reinforced seams that make sure not to let any unexpected extreme weather get to you.

It could be a little difficult to get back into its package, but other than that, it is quite a warm sleeping bag that gets you through the night.


  • Can resist extreme weather
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact and portable
  • Reusable


  • Repacking can be messy.
  • Seems a bit easy to tear


10. Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bag 2 Pack

Zmoon Emergency Sleeping Bag 2 Pack

These lightweight bags are a great way to spend the night safely. Carry them on your hunting or mountaineering trips for extra warmth and safety. They camouflage pretty well and are compact enough to fit into any bag or box.

There have been reports of discoloration after one use, but it can take on extreme weather without any wear and tear and keeps you safe!

Check it out!


  • Good quality thick material
  • It keeps you safe in extreme conditions.
  • Compact
  • Affordable


  • Discolorations after one use
  • Noisy


Things To Look For While Buying A Survival Sleeping Bag

There are a few key points to make sure to tick off before you buy the best survival sleeping bag for you.

Make sure you get the right color. A bright-colored sleeping bag can help attract the attention of rescue officers if you ever get stranded.

A more subtle color, however, might keep you away from the attention of wild animals. Make sure you know what area you are going to and what kind of bag you are looking for.

Flexibility and breathability are important. It ensures the quality of sleep you get, which, in turn, determines the quality of your trek during the day.

The number of uses is also a determining factor. Are you looking to buy a survival sleeping bag that is single-use, or do you want to reuse it?

Make sure to check how easy it is to repack the bag if you are looking for a reusable kind. Also, make sure the bag is compact, and you can easily carry it in your car or gearbox.

Best Survival Sleeping Bags – Conclusion

All these are sleeping bags of the highest quality. In fact, any of these sleeping bags would be a great fit on your trips, be it simple as a precaution while camping or trekking or as a part of your gear while doing extreme adventures, mountaineering, or so on.

Whatever be the case, make sure you pick the right survival sleeping bag that fits you right, is within your price, and most importantly, keeps you safe. It would be great to get one with multiple uses or that can double up as a shelter, but the most important thing is, it should keep you safe against any unforeseen circumstances.

FAQs on Survival Sleeping Bags

Q1. Is The Survival Sleeping Bag The Same As A Sleeping Bag?

A survival sleeping bag is meant to be an addition to your gear in case of an emergency. Even the best survival sleeping bag is not a substitute for actual sleeping bags.

Q2. Does The Survival Sleeping Bag Provide Insulation?

Survival sleeping bags can reflect your body heat. It helps to prevent hypothermia and retains 70 to 90 percent of your body heat. It also allows them to preserve the heat and survive emergency conditions.

Q3. Do Sleeping Bags Help In Attracting Help In Emergency Situations?

Many bags come with a rescue whistle or bright colors to attract attention in emergencies.