Best Survival Water Filters 2024: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

“Forethought spares afterthought”- We have all been taught about this famous saying religiously. And as we grow up and explore the universe, we realize that it applies to many real-life scenarios as well. Bad times do not RSVP before knocking on your doorstep, and they can come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe a natural disaster, or an all-out war, or maybe famine or drought. Whatever be the scenarios, one thing is sure. In such times, all you need to care about is survival. Man can go without food for several weeks and without air for only a few minutes. Air is abundant, and food is easily found. What seems difficult to find is a clean source of drinking water.

If you do not have a source of potable water, then you cannot find and indulge yourself in a stream or a puddle. Water filtration is an art of its own, and it is an art that our bodies require. Parasites and viruses might populate such water sources, and utilizing them without the proper care and method can end up causing more harm than good which will be a matter of survival.

Therefore it is no wonder that having a sound water filtration system is a must. It does not only have to provide clean and potable water, it should also (ideally) be portable and not require much in the way of an input in any form such as electricity.

So before you stock up for Armageddon, or before you run to your nearest store to buy this for your next adventure, you should research and put some time and effort into the whole process. This is not something that can be arranged at the last minute, so be sure to only go for your needs’ best survival water filter.

So get ready to learn about a whole lot of terminologies (explained in the end) and features regarding your next purchase (and an important one too) as a survivalist.

Top 12 Best Survival Water Filters 2021

1. HydroBlu Versa Flow Water Filter System

HydroBlu Versa Flow Best Survival Water Filter

Are you looking for a premium quality water filter? Does having multiple features and types in the same system excite you? If yes, then HydroBlu’s Versa Flow water filter system would be the best survival water filter for your niche.

It is one of the most versatile water filters on this list (as is quite evident from its name). The lab-tested a 0.1-micron filter that protects you from all the common protozoa, bacteria, and other parasites (including threats like giardia and cryptosporidium). Moreover, it lasts for more than 378,000 L ( roughly around 100 000 Gallons).

It is more than an able competitor to some of the top industry brands and offering similar features at a more aggressive price range.

It is relatively small (approximately 1.5 oz) and can easily fit in your closed fist. But what does make it stand out from the crowd is its superior flow rate. And this is seen as a significant game changer by many consumers and critics alike.

This filter provides the best bang for your buck. The different setup styles include using it directly as a water source (using a straw), screwing it onto a standard traveling bottle, or combining it inline with a hydration bladder. It can be easily cleaned, anywhere (even on treks and trips) without too much hassle.

It also sports the 28 mm threads on both ends (something rare in this segment, especially at this price range). This means that you can easily attach it to almost any water bottle (even the reused soda bottles can be used for this purpose).

The add-on (which is just a slightly more expensive version) includes around two collapsible bags (both 64 oz), tubings, and some bucket adapters for the gravity setups. This keeps the DIY spirit alive while providing top of the class features at an affordable price.


  • It is quite affordable
  • It has a compact and space-saving design
  • It contains some of the most revolutionary features
  • It also contains many add on features that go along with the base filter
  • This is one of the most versatile filters (owing to its universal compatibility, both as a source and storage)


  • Relies on proper know-how for optimal usage
  • The quality of materials might leave you less than happy


2. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

Are you looking for a good and reliable brand? Or are you looking for a filter that would last for quite some time before needing any repair or upkeep? Whatever might be your expectations, the MINI Water FIltration system (by Sawyer) is one of the best survival water filters in all regards.

Its huge successes are that the brand name backs the high-quality products they have produced over many years. On similar lines, the MINI Water Filtration system is no different. The extensive care and knowledge put into this filter system promise to deliver the cleanest and most unadulterated water from a portable filter system.

The compact design increases its versatility, all the while lowering the investment cost. It also accentuates the location pretty well, seeing as how bug-out locations have limited space to offer. Moreover, using premium materials to create this filter gives it a luxurious feel and a durable and sturdy body. With this unit in place, you can forget about it getting damaged due to any human error.

It can remove around 99.9% of all bacteria and protozoa found in the typical water sources. In addition to that, it can also get rid of the microplastics present in these water bodies. So you won’t have anything to worry about if things get any freakier.

The filter rating is also off the charts. One filter alone can give you more than 100,000 gallons of filtered water mileage. This makes sure that you are not left high and dry in case of any mishap. This helps in keeping the filter affordable without cutting down on the features and build quality.

This filter can easily be added to any ordinary water bottle (in addition to the pre-included hydration pack). It can even be used to stick directly to the water source. The sheer versatility and durability would never let you down. So grab these filters before “Armageddon” decides to strike.


  • It has a high-quality water cleaning capacity
  • High-quality materials impart a premium finish while keeping the durability factor high
  • The filter life span is quite long (more than 100,000 gallons for one filter)
  • It has a lightweight and portable design
  • It can remove around 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa in water (clinically proven)


  • It is very picky as to what water bottles it can be compatible with
  • Compact design and lightweight nature make the flow of water relatively slow as compared to some of its competitors


3. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Do you want to be on the safer side and go for a more mainstream brand and design? Do you want assured quality and services from real people who have used the product? If that is the case, you are in the right place. This personal water filter by LifeStraw is one of the most popular choices for people looking to stock up on their water filter. Being a mainstream favorite just shows how good it is at whatever it is supposed to do. It is so common that anyone who has even dabbled in the “Survivalism Genre” would have probably come across it (or at heard of it).

And like many other mainstream favorites, the reason is simple. It is one of the best survival water filters and is exceptional at its job. LifeStraw forwent speed and agility in favor of compactness and durability. Hence this “small” and hardy filter can easily fit anywhere you wish for it too. Being small and lightweight, this water filter can also be fit inside your survival backpack (some even claim to be able to fit it in their pockets without any hassle).

It is proven to get rid of around j99.999% of bacteria and protozoa from any water source. In addition to this, the 0.2-micron filter is a beast at this price range.

This can be a great compliment to your already existing survival water. The combo of a filter with a more water producing capacity working in tandem with LifeStraw is something to behold.

Highly portable and durable, this water filter would be an excellent investment choice for looking for good ol’ water filters without having to research much or spend a lot.


  • It is incredibly portable and lightweight
  • It is also very effective at cleaning water
  • No moving parts. Hence it is pretty safe and silent
  • Pretty compact and durable


  • The 1,000-gallon cap makes it mostly a convenient option for on-the-go treks


4. Katadyn Transparent Survival Water Filter

Katadyn Transparent Survival Water Filter

Do you like rooting for the underdog? Are you looking to support an up-and-coming company’s growth, all the while having the right products to stock up on? Then Katadyn’s Transparent Survival Water Filter for emergencies should rub the right bone for you. It is an up and coming brand that has seen pretty consistent deliveries and highly sought after filters.

Whenever you look at a filter (before you buy it), you inspect the build quality before anything else. This water filter will not disappoint you in that inspection. It is a highly durable and sturdy water filter with no qualms about being taken as a portable filter while adventuring.

It also features a high quality (albeit priced similarly) pump. There is a running fear of breaking the pump filter (owing to their fragility and flimsiness). This is not something that you’d want to be worried about while you’re trying to survive. Thankfully, Ktadyn keeps this fear in mind while designing their pump filter, and hence, you would not have to worry about any such trivialities.

Aside from its physical aspects, it also has a 0.2-micron filter that can find and catch about 99.9% of bacteria and protozoa. Any other unwanted stuff (such as a microplastic or glass) is also filtered out without any visible effort or problem. And finally, the pump handle seems adamantine (figure of speech) and can withstand hard punishment without giving way.

YOu would think that a pump offering all these facilities and features would be heavy to move, but that isn’t the case with this beast. It offers some of the best in class features and still manages to retain a lightweight and compact design without compromising building quality or capacity (around 11 oz of it). Go ahead and pack the best survival water filter before you prep for your next adventure.


  • It is sturdy and features a durable design
  • It has a sturdy and robust filter that can filter down impurities of up to 0.2 micron
  • Pretty lightweight and compact, all the while keeping its sturdy design and high flow rate


  • It is quite technical to deal with, might not be for a person looking for a quick solution.
  • The hose supplied with this filter seems to be thinner than many of its competitors.


5. Membrane Portable Emergency Straw Water Filter

Membrane Portable Emergency Straw Water Filter

Are you looking for some less mainstream options? Do you want to explore but still want to remain within the confines of safety and trust? The Membrane has done precisely that with their Portable Emergency Straw Water Filter. This makes it one of the best survival water filters amongst the uncharted list.

When tested, this water filter went a step beyond and showed far better cleanliness than any other competitors. The equipment is exceptionally well made and quite sturdy. The space-saving and compact design further increases its oomph factor. Like many other filters, it has the basics down to its chemistry. It cleans more than 99.9999 % of the bacteria and protozoa present in the water sources. It even goes a step further and makes the water taste somewhat regular (something many other notable filters cannot do).

The most significant selling factor of the Portable Emergency Straw Water Filter is that it can be cleaned and maintained easily. In this corporate-dominated world, companies usually make a product that you would need to replace sooner rather than later. But Membrane has given its users the ability to prolong their filters’ lives by cleaning them regularly. Easy access to all its parts and sturdy components make cleaning it a walk in the park.

And finally, with the amount of footprint that this small filter has, you can easily fit it into your car or bag and go about your merry way. The efficient cylinder shape increases the number of filters that can be held for the same amount. All in all, this is a very sound investment for people looking to foray into the prepper universe but want something to show off.


  • It cleans and filters the water exceptionally well
  • It is quite effective at removing the foul taste and odor from the filtered water
  • It has a small size and is exceptionally portable


  • The filter lifespan is found to be average at best
  • It has smooth sides. This can lead to loss of grip and losing the filter while drinking from streams and lakes


6. MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter Water Filter

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter Water Filter

Are you a firm believer in the saying “Old is gold”? Because if that’s what rocks your boat, then MSR’s Miniworks EX Microfilter water filter is the first choice that you should go for. This filter (an older model for sure) has been on the market for quite some time. And the noteworthy thing about it is that it is still relevant in the current world scenario.

Even its rather later designs follow the same pathways built by this predecessor. This is because the filter is so efficient at what it does that it does not need an upgrade. Sure, it is an older and a comparatively heavier duty model, but it remains an excellent water filter to this very day.

The quality of water that this filter gives out is simply amazing. This is a filter that you can rely on upon without having any concerts in any situation whatsoever. This filter can take a massive beating before being replaced by being an old school water filter. So it doesn’t require much in the way of upkeep. That is true for the filter that is housed on the inside.

Statistically, it pumps water at a rate of one liter per minute. This is nothing to scoff at. It blurs the line between permanent water filters and the traditional and portable ones. This is one of the few filters that can create enough water for your entire family without taking too much time or space.

Like so many other filters on this list of best survival water filters, most of the bacterias and impurities from any water source can be removed. This traditional water filter can be used with the knowledge that it will never let you down, no matter what. This is a sound investment for any survivalist to bet their money on.


  • It is extremely durable
  • The easy to use functions and features are well appreciated
  • The pump is quite useful and surprisingly well made


  • The filter life spans leave something to be desired
  • It is made up of many small prices, which can be listed easily, thereby rendering the filter useless.


7. Etekcity Portable Filter

Etekcity Portable Filter

If you are looking for an alternative to all the big mainstream brands, but do not want to compromise on the quality and features, then the portable water filter for camping and survival by Etekcity is the entry to look out for. It follows the time-tested straw design and manages to work wonders with it.

It has exceptional durability and can be counted upon even after multiple uses. The critics say it seems to offer some of the best performance per cost on this list.

Aside from the durability and rock-solid foundation, it also comes with an added accessory, namely a foldable water pouch with an added hook. YOu can use this setup at your temporary campsite with ease.

With a weight that is just shy of two ounces, this water filter can be taken anywhere without having to worry about space or weight restrictions. Portability is a huge feature that survivalists look for in a water filter, and Etekcity did not disappoint.

The side textures are a bonus. You can easily hold your filter even when using it with a scream as a source. It can be held solidly even in heavy rain and downpour.

Wrapping up, this not-so-known underdog of a water filter surprises many of its competitors to take the top spot amongst some of the best survival water filters.


  • It has a highly compact and portable design
  • The materials used in manufacturing are of high quality and provide a premium finish.
  • The textured side is a blessing to have when thing start becoming slippier


  • The quality of add ons is not nearly as good as the product itself
  • The filter lifespan is relatively less than many of the peers


8. Miniwell Ultralight Gravity Water Filter

Ultralight Gravity Water Filter By Miniwell

This absolute underdog of a water filter does not even get a tenth of the attention that it deserves. This is more of a wild card entry on this list, but boy oh boy, it manages to upset many of the oldest and most reliable brands in this niche. A small portion of that can be attributed to the fact that it doesn’t have a good architecture, and neither is it based on the traditional straw design.

Whatever might be the reason for its exclusion from mainstream water filters, this filter is something that every prepper should consider seriously.

The inbuilt filter does a great job of filtering down up to 0.1 microns (that is some heavy load) and provides an impressive flow rate at 600 milliliters per minute. It belongs to the rare, gravity-driven variant of water filters and does not disappoint its hygiene and sanitary milestones.

It comes with all the added paraphernalia required for getting clean and pure water without having to dirty your hands (or shall we say the water) easily and comfortably. The quality strap and anchors ensure that everything stays in place. The water reservoir feeds directly into the filter and can be very convenient for many users.

In a deviation from the norm, these water filters can be cleaned by anyone without technical know-how. This knowledge can be used to increase your filter’s life span without compromising on the quality of water produced or the durability of the equipment itself.

The durable design and jaw-dropping features make it one of the best survival water filters to choose from.


  • The gravity-driven setup allows you to collect and filter water without having to use your hands
  • It can filter down to 0.1 microns (which is, again saying, a lot)
  • It also supports the cleaning function and can be cleaned by anyone even without proper technical know-how


  • It is less portable than some of the other options on this guide.
  • The added on hose fails to stand up to the durability tests


9. HydroBlu Go Flow Gravity Kit

HydroBlu Go Flow Gravity Kit

If all you care about is the bare minimum, and want to refrain from spending more than 15 dollars any, then HydroBlu’s Go Flow gravity kit seems to be the answer to your query. It uses the standard Versa inline filter. Along with this filter, they also give you a gravity bag (with a capacity of around 10 L) and carry straps and hanging hooks. The quick disconnect hose (with the on and off clamps) makes it easier to filter out water quickly and efficiently.

The gravity filter design makes it easy to have the water filtered without putting in any manual effort. Just plug and play and wait for your glass of dihydrogen oxide. The 10 L bag, while intimidating, takes up less space than imagined and weighs even lesser. Statistically, it weighs in at around 10.8 oz and can be easily folded and stored in your bug out bags.

And although there are a few better competitors for this water filter, the performance offered per buck is fantastic with this filter. This lands it right in the middle of this list of best survival water filters


  • The gravity-driven setup can deliver pure and unadulterated water without any input of manual effort
  • It can filter down to 0.1 microns
  • The performance offered at this price range is beyond exceptional
  • The added accessories are more than enough to take care of all your water filtration and storage needs.


  • It is less portable than some of the other options on this guide
  • The add ons seem to lack the durability that the product provides


10. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter LifeStraw, as everyone already knows, is pretty much the standard for any survival water filtration. Moreover, when such a vast and reputed brand launches its flagship product, you should rest assured that it would have all the necessary features to propel it to the top of this list of best survival water filters.

It is small enough to fit in just about any survivalist backpack. The disposable filter can easily filter out more than 1,000 liters of contaminated water. It can slowly eliminate more than 99% of bacteria in protozoa without losing its efficiency.

And finally, the whole survivalist paraphernalia comes in a hermetically sealed pouch, thereby ensuring that your filter is untouched by any human activity, intended or otherwise.


  • A flagship product of one of the most well-known brands
  • It sports disposable filters and can be easily swapped as many times as needed
  • Hermetically sealed, hance offers higher hygiene and cleanliness
  • Strong and durable design
  • It occupies less space than a regular water filter


  • The life span of the filter is somewhat lackluster.
  • A little pricier than many of its counterparts


11. LifeStraw Universal Filter

LifeStraw Universal Filter

Now, if you do not want to carry additional appendages to filter out your water, it is quite wise to have a portable water filter that filters out water into any of the stock bottles. The LifeStraw Universal filter excels at this very niche. It can be added to any standard water bottle (including those made by all the mainstream brands) and some quirky ones.

This is a smart device. It comes with three optional lids, which can fit any water bottle without too much hassle. The inbuilt, two-stage glitter can clean up to 99.9% of all the bacteria and protozoa present in water. It also has a decent filter capacity of 1,000 L and can take care of a survivalist’s little time needed. The high accessibility ensures that you wouldn’t have to swap out bottles for this filter to work. Plug and let the filter do its magic.

Overall, this can be a very sound and stable investment for budding and nomad survivalists.


  • The highly portable design is a definite game-changer
  • It has a higher than average durability and is relatively compact
  • The filter can fit many bottles and is as such considered a universal filter


  • The filter lifespan leaves something to be desired
  • Lack of add ons (especially the containers) is a definite drawback


12. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle

Now, suppose you want a universal filter’s portability and convenience but lack any such compatible water bottles. In that case, Lifestraw’s Go Water Filter Bottle is the best survival water filter to go for. It contains all the features and adds a standard universal water filter and a large water bottle that can store quite a fair amount of contaminated water.

Like many of its counterparts, it can also filter out 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa, and unwanted filth present in the water. The filter works for around 1000 L per use, after which it would need to be changed. All in all, it is a perfect piece of device to have for survivalists who mostly prefer to be on the go and want survivalist gear that complements their style.

Go for this water filter if you are looking for a no-nonsense and compact water filter without burning a hole through your pocket.


  • It is compact and highly durable
  • The high capacity water bottle is useful paraphernalia to have


  • It does not have a great filter lifespan
  • Bottle build quality does not match the filter build quality


Best Survival Water Filters – Conclusion

As discussed in this guide, water filters are essential for human beings’ proper functioning in any SHTF event. And it is one of the only technologies that are only as good as its parts. There is no individual preference for any of the filters, only their performance and application area.

A water filter can come in various sizes and along with various features. The majority of these would be similar, with only a few add ons and features separating the truly best from the average. The trick is to look carefully for these features and see how they work. A sturdy and durable water filter would be a fantastic addition to your bug out place but can be a poor choice if you plan to move from place to place without camping down a lot.

The type of filter is also essential in deciding your go-to filter. A lower use filter can be used for on the go filtration devices, while the higher use ones can be used for stationary filtration devices. They should also be easily cleanable (ideally), which can furthermore prolong your filter’s life.

And finally, the accessories that come along with the filter can be a huge blessing in disguise. Extra water storage can increase your filter mileage. In contrast, a universal filter added on can be used on any water bottle, thereby reducing the hassle of worrying about the filter positioning. So go ahead and do not be worried about exploring. After all, that is the only way to find out the best survival water filter for the survivalist in you.

What Advice Should One Follow Before (And While) Buying And Operating A Water Filter?

Water filters are one of technology, where everything is dependent on the sum of the parts of the filter itself. There is no personal preference or fashion choice. There are just pure deliverance and investment costs. There are some strict and some (relatively quickly) bendable rules to be followed when buying and operating one such device.

1. Increase Your Formidable Stash Of Existing Potable Water

One of the best ways of ensuring that you do not have any shortage of water in any scenario is to have a stockpile of good old water bottles.

Water is one thing that does not go bad for extended amounts of time (if stored properly). So the best course of action would be to create a repository of bottled water. YOu can also quickly refresh it by using the current stockpile and adding a new one (since water is an everyday commodity, this will not incur extra expenses).

This success method depends on your capital and the space you can provide to store such a massive stockpile. And while it is not versatile or portable in the most real sense, it is one of the sure-shot ways of ensuring water availability at all times.

2. Researching And Buying The Right Kind Of Filter For Your Home

This is the part where many survivalists falter. There are a variety of filters to buy from, and each has its features and capacities. You need to research and go for the filter that provides the best value for your money at an affordable price range

This can be broken down into a few steps.

1. First of all, zero in on the amount of flow that you want from your water filter. Choosing the right kind of filter makes all the difference between survival and disease. A filter that is small and does not purify water according to your needs is as useless as having no filter at all

2. Once you have the hang of your water requirements, look for additional features (both inbuilt and add ons). This lets you get the best out of your water filter and maximizes its water deliverance.

3. Now find out the space requirements and future usage and storage. After taking care of the above points, all that remains is finding a water filter that fits in the places you want it to fit. From the sorted list, choose the one that gives you a better performance per dollar and does not eat into too much of your finances.

Finding a good filter is challenging but not impossible. Just pay close attention to the details and features that the filter provides, and avoid splurging too much unless your gut instinct tells you otherwise.

3. Have A Backup Plan (A Plan B, If You Will) For All Circumstances

Buying a water filter and stocking up on potable water does not mean you are truly ready to face any onslaught. Life is unpredictable, and as Murphy rightly said, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Have a backup filter in place and keep it serviced and operational at all times. In addition to this, you can also try and learn how to repair the filters at your home. This saves the added cost of upkeep and can be used as a “Plan C” if both the primary and backup filters fail to work as per expectation.

Always try to keep your filter in the best possible condition. Avoid manhandling it and keep it away from children. Taking these precautions while keeping the above ideas in mind will make sure to help you survive any difficulty, should it occur to you.

4. Learn To Purify And Store Your Water

In the unlikely event that you do not have access to your filters for whatever reason, it is best to learn about the raw water filtration methods. These can not only help you in dangerous situations, but they can also make you self reliant and preserve your current stock for more dire times. Boiling seems to be one of the best ways of filtering out water (all it requires is a water source, a fire, and a container). Apart from that, distillation and chemical (iodine and chlorine tablets) methods seem to work wonders on unfiltered water.

Following all the steps mentioned above can help you increase your survival chances by a fair right amount.

FAQs on Survival Water Filters

Q1. What Is The Difference Between A Water Purifier And A Water Filter? Can They Both Be Used For Performing The Same Task?

The machines’ primary goal is to purify water and make it safe for drinking and other purposes. That said, they both work in really different ways. Whereas a water filter works by filtering out impurities like bacteria and protozoa from your drink, a water purifier goes a step ahead. It removes even viruses and some bacteria that might’ve escaped the traditional filtration.

Purifiers are by design more expensive than a traditional filter, but that added expense is well worth the consistency and the lack of odor or taste in the purified water. Sure it is not as portable as your traditional filter, but it is safer, and when it comes to the long term, your goal should be to get as much safe water as you can.

Q2. Can A Filter Be Used For A Lifetime?

The simple answer to this question is “No.” A filter can not be used for more than what the manual specifies. A filter works by pushing the water through its pores, which are of the order of 0.1 microns ~ 0.3 microns—this an extremely small size. Over time, after much use and repeat, these pores get clogged due to microparticles.

This can lessen the effect of filters and lower the efficiency of your water filter. And everyone knows that losing your filter efficiency is a huge deal when trying to survive in the wild. So keep a spare filter ready at all times, and try not to stress your working filter beyond its prescribed limits.

Q3. How Does The Durability And Portability Of A Filter Affect Its Use?

The durability and compactness of a filter are usually related inversely to each other. If you have one, you might have to comp[romise on the other. And for some scenarios, one condition might be more favorable than the other.

For example, if you are a buckle-down prepper, you should look for a water purifier with a longer life. But conversely, if you travel a lot, you should probably look for a filter that suits your survivalist style.

Both the types have their pros and cons, to be sure. The buckle down water filter has a longer life and durability for sure, but they lack portability. This can be a massive problem if you need to move areas frequently. On the other hand, the portable ones can be taken to all places without worrying about your positioning. They do have the con of needing to be changed frequently and require more care, but otherwise, this can be an extremely sound choice for the nomad survivalists.

So the type of filter that you should go for totally depends on how you want to tackle the oncoming Armageddon.