Drop, Cover, and Hold On: Doing it Right!

If the ground starts to shake what will you do? Do you know what to do during an earthquake? If you live in California, your kids have already learned drop, cover, & hold on at school. So why not practice it with them at home?

That is what the Song Family did when we visited them in San Diego. Totally Unprepared’s Ron Haralson checked the Song family on their DCHO chops and found that they passed with flying colors. Their boys are a darling handful, but as good California kids, they sure know what to do when the ground shakes. They got under the table before you could bat an eyelash!

Little Miel is too young to have learned drop, cover, and hold on at school, but her dad is only too happy to teach her how to protect herself during earthquakes. This little girl got drop cover and hold on like she was born to do it! Her dad was no slouch either. When the next earthquake strikes, Todd and little Miel will be safe and sound because they have practiced DCHO in every room in the house!

So learn to do the DCHO today. Practice with your kids. You will see your house in a whole new way, and keep your whole family safe when the ground shakes.