If Zisa Can Do it, So Can You! Show Us Your Dog Emergency Kit!

Last week we told you about our Win a $250 Quake Kit contest.  Here’s how easy it is to put together a dog emergency kit.

Zisa is Totally Unprepared’s office dog. Her primary duties include, but are not limited to: barking at the neighbor cats, barking at the UPS guy, stealing unguarded food off the kitchen table, shedding, attending meetings, “greeting visitors” (which involves a lot of barking), and snuggling.

Show Us Your Dog Emergency Kit

Our work would be far less rewarding without her canine assistance, so of course we made an emergency kit for her.

We know you rely on your dog pal just as much as we rely on Zisa. So why not make an emergency kit for your wonderful dog? If you do, just shoot a short video log into Facebook, and enter our contest. You could win this killer collection of earthquake preparedness goodies.

They say dog is man’s best friend. Your dog is such a good friend that he could help you prepare for earthquakes! With Fido’s help, you will survive the next earthquake and recover knowing your best friend helped you get there.

Enter today.