Lee Ann Kim is Totally Unprepared

Ron Haralson, our superhero fireman and charming host, paid a visit to the San Diego home of Lee Ann Kim, her husband Louis Song, and their two little boys.  Ron wanted to know if the Song family is prepared for earthquakes.  He expected to find a very prepared household. Boy, was he surprised!

Lee Ann has covered all sorts of disasters, including earthquakes in her job as an evening news reporter. So you would think she would be totally prepared for earthquakes, right?

Wrong! Lee Ann and her husband Louis Song are busy and hardworking parents who just have not felt like they have time to get prepared. Louis recognized how important earthquake insurance is for his family, so the Songs are insured.

But what about that giant mirror in their bedroom? What about the unsecured refrigerator?

What about the unsecured computer monitor?

And what of the butane, kerosene and household chemicals stored on the top of an open shelf unit in their garage?

Ron knows only too well how dangerous it is to store flammables on high shelves from his work as a fireman. He is so concerned about the chemicals that he asks that Lee Ann and Louis move them lower right then and there!

It looks like the Song family really needs Ron’s help, but do they realize it? Ron decides he must show them what happens to unsecured household furnishings in an earthquake. Lee Ann in particular is startled by what happens. No wonder the kids think earthquakes are “scary and bad”.

With Ron’s help though, the Songs can get prepared. He’ll show them how to survive an earthquake and what they need to recover once its over.

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