Lee Ann Kim Needs an Emergency Plan!

For a family that’s lived through a few earthquakes, you’d expect The Songs to know what to do during an earthquake and have a plan for afterwards. Wrong!

The Songs admit that they’ve experienced a lot of earthquakes, but they confess they have never done an earthquake drill with their kids and have no idea what to do. Isn’t it lucky that Ron is an authority on earthquake drills!

Under a table is a good place to drop, cover and hold onHe quickly shows them how to drop, cover and hold on.

The kids really take to the earthquake drills so Ron has them practice in every room in the house. So now the kids know what to do during an earthquake, but what about afterwards?

Turns out Louis and Lee Ann have never made a disaster plan, and what’s more, they have no idea what the disaster plan is for the boys’ school!


Lee Ann Kim Needs an Emergency Plan

Ron can tell that Louis and Lee Ann have never even given their family emergency plan a moment’s thought. The look on Lee Ann’s face says it all, though. Now that she and Louis think about it, they realize they really need a plan for their family.

Luckily, Ron is here to help. He can’t force Louis and Lee Ann to get in touch with the boys’ school, but he can give them all emergency wallet cards to fill out. Once they do that, their family emergency plan is virtually complete. Thanks to Ron, with a little preparation, the Song family with survive the next earthquake. A good emergency plan with an emergency survival kit will make recovering afterward easy.

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