Mobile applications: Shake My Stuff

Curious about what it will take to prepare the contents of your home to survive an earthquake? Wonder no more, because Totally Unprepared now has a mobile app called “Shake My Stuff” that will quickly let you create a shopping list based upon what’s in your house.  You’ll see the estimated cost of damage to your stuff, and the far lower cost of securing it.  You can even email it to yourself!

Remember, if you prepare, you will survive and recover faster.

Download our mobile application

Our application runs on both Android and iOS using the Adobe AIR platform.  You can download it from the Android market or the Apple app store.


Have a question about the product?  Does it not work on your device?  Do you have an idea for a new feature?   Use our support portal at GetSatisfaction to communicate with us!

Future enhancements

The following suggestions are on our todo list for future enhancements to the app:

  • Allow the user to customize the value of each item
  • Implement a popup on the Shake screen to display mitigation information instead of providing a “Fix It” function.
  • Provide a link to your “Get Ready Quick” pages about securing your stuff and other key website pages on

Source code

We are releasing this app under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.   This means that you can release your own version as long as you attribute it to us.  (Even commercial entities can do this!)   We’d prefer that you only swap the top banner of the app with your own graphic and leave the rest of our colors and graphics intact unless you’re making functional changes to the application.  Ultimately though, if you want to completely rework it for the purpose of getting more people prepared for earthquakes, we’ve released it under a license that allows that.

If you have questions, please contact us at

  • Adobe Flash source for Shake My Stuff app v1.1 (ZIP file)

Other great disaster-related mobile applications you should try

SF Heroes: Get it from the Apple store

If you want to learn about disaster preparedness and have fun, try SF Heroes, an iOS application that uses quizzes and check ins to help get you better prepared with a fun angle.  Download it from the Apple store.

How to co-brand our mobile application with your logo

Are you a vendor or preparedness agency that would like to co-brand this application with your logo across the top? You can! This application is available as open source. We can also co-brand it for you. Email us to find out more at