Our TV Shows

Our campaign centers around two web-based television series created by a veteran of reality television.   You can find them on our YouTube channel.  New episodes are released almost every week.

Totally Unprepared

If an expert came into your home tomorrow to check your level of preparedness, what would they find?  Our intrepid team of preparation specialists visit California homes and helps families get ready for the next quake.  Hosts Susan Jekarl and Ron Haralson show how easy it is to get prepared in these wacky episodes.  [More info>>>]

Ron Haralson hosting Totally UnpreparedSusan Jekarl hosting Totally Unprepared
Ron HaralsonLos Angeles firefighterSusan JekarlTrained emergency responder

Will It Shake?

Do you have an item in your home that you know you ought to secure, but haven’t?  In the back of your mind do you think it will probably be ok?  Watch the fun as the Totally Unprepared team shows owners of fish tanks, wine racks, and bookcases just what happens to these common household items during an earthquake.  We replicate each of these items on the UCSD seismic shake table and find out, “Will It Shake?”  [More info >>>]

Our “Will It Shake?” production team standing on the shake table at the UC-San Diego lab.