Paracord Survival Bracelet Review: Top 3

For those fond of hiking, camping, or survivalist activities, or anyone who appreciates the great outdoors, a quality paracord survival bracelet is essential. This convenient and stylish accessory provides a way to carry essential items needed in an emergency, enabling you to construct items in a tight spot. The inner strands can be extracted and utilized for making fire, weapons, and meeting other survival needs during emergencies. Unlike other survival instruments, the paracord bracelet never leaves your side, making it much more handy than lugging around 500ft or 100ft paracord rope. Thus, it’s the top choice for campers who frequently embark on extended outdoor adventures.

Knowing the many benefits of paracord survival bracelets, you might want to take a look at some of the top options available on the market. However, with so many paracord bracelet options to choose from, it might be a little overwhelming for a first-time buyer. To make things a little easier for you, here’s a review of some of the best paracord survival bracelets available.

3 Best Paracord Survival Bracelets For 2021

Survival Paracord Bracelet Emergency Tactical Survival Gear Kit

When you are in outdoor adventure, every inch you carry is every ounce of weight you are carrying and ultimately have to deal with. This is why when going on outdoor adventures, it’s always a must to properly manage your weight and to buy any product that will be easy to carry and extremely capable in its functioning. As such, the Survival Paracord Bracelet is the perfect companion for any backpacker or outdoor adventurer.

It is an all-in-one survival kit, activity helper, and exclusive emergency gear capable of being used while on the go. It is designed as an extension to the user’s body, not a system, making it capable of being worn on the wrist and ankle, and features a 3/8″ trigger loop which allows you to easily attach it to an additional survival belt or the user’s cargo pockets or backpack. And with a lack of space in packs, this set can be of adequate size for all of your needs. This product weighs 1.27 Ounces and comes with an adjustable bracelet that has a whistle and a fire starter kit.

The product is made of quality materials, featuring a paracord that is over twelve feet long with an outer layer for an emergency and safety meter. The cord is 100% nylon with seven inner strands that are all twisted and resistant. This is more than the 550 cord, which gets you a multipurpose cord. Instead, it’s a 7-in-1 survival kit that comes with two duct tape, one kevlar cord, one flint rod, one sewing needle, one multitool, one velcro strap, buckle closure and essential fishing gear when you’re ready to drop a line.

This survival kit is the perfect multifunctional product with all the tools that the user needs. And though it is available in just one color, it does boasts some of its own personality. It has all the tools, a great design, and great functionality all wrapped up in one small package.

Overall, this product is a unique survival kit that has all the tools a person might need. With a really low price, you will be surprised at what a good value it is with a lifetime warranty.


✅ 25 tools in one bracelet
✅ UV Fade Resistant
✅ Type III Nylon Paracord
✅ 550lbs Tensile Strength
✅ 1.27 ounces

❌ Although there are multiple tools and functions, it can be complicated to use
❌ Fit can be bulky on small wrists
❌ Only available in one color

PSK Paracord Knife Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit

When starting on a new adventure or going on a hike, it’s always a good idea to have a compact, lightweight, and useful tool with you. That’s why the PSK Paracord Knife Bracelet is going a good match for any adventurist or backcountry explorer.

This innovative paracord knife bracelet is the result of creativity and hard work and has been designed to provide a wide range of different tools that will help you survive the wilderness. The product is not a kit but rather a bracelet, making it more versatile and practical for use in any adventure that might require it. In the case of the user going on a hike, it can be worn around the wrist or ankle, and with a 12+ foot cord, it can be utilized as a bowstring to make traps, used as a tangle-free fishing line, a fire starter that is capable of creating fire in the most unfavorable environment, and an emergency whistle that is noiseless and now. The product also provides a signal mirror for signaling and a compass for navigation.

The PSK Paracord Knife Bracelet is quite a useful device for outdoor activities. And the best part of the product is that it’s multifunctional. This means that it’s really one of the few products that can be used in all types of situations. The product is made of high-quality materials, guaranteeing that the product would be resistant to all types of weather conditions. The outer layer for emergency and safety measures is made out of a durable paracord with a knot tied closely. Buckle closure. It comes with a glass breaker and a fishing hook, so it’s safe for use on the water. The device is 8-in-1, so whatever the user needs to survive, the device is capable of fulfilling it’s purpose as a survival tool.

Overall it’s a really good and multifunctional product that can be the perfect companion for any backcountry explorer, adventurist, or survival situation.


✅ Two pack
✅ Built-in Compass
✅ 12 feet of paracord
✅ Type III Nylon Paracord
✅ 550lbs Tensile Strength
✅ Adjustable size fits wrists sizes between 8 -9 inches
✅ 7 Nylon Inner Strands

❌ Not a good fit for small wrist sizes
❌ Firestarter throws a small spark

Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet

This Paracord Bracelet is designed on a two-pronged approach so that it can be beneficial to all of the different types of users. It is equally beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts and those who are interested in a product that could offer valuable assistance during survival and emergency situations. Further boasting a rugged build, buckle closure, it’s both durable and comes with a variety of tools so that it can be suitable for all types of outdoor activities the user may be going on. But at the same time, it’s compact and comes in a variety of colors so that the user can showcase their unique personality.

The PARACORD 550 bracelet is made from nylon and is made to last a really long time. It’s made from the latest material so that the user may use the product to their heart’s content. It is fully adjustable so that the customer may either wear the device on their wrist or on their ankle. It is a compact and lightweight option which means that it can fit on your backpack without taking up too much space. The PARACORD 550 bracelet is also made from high-quality materials, meaning that it won’t wear and tear easily even if it is being used often. There is also a total of seven strands inside the bracelet, which means that the product is guaranteed to be reliable regardless of the.

The device also includes a fire starter so that the user is prepared for any situation that may arise. The product also includes a whistle which is rather loud so that the user can get attention in an emergency. The whistle is also noiseless so that the user can use the product without disturbing the vicinity. Further packed with a compass, a slip knot for securing a knot, a tracer to help the user spot the geographic location of their campsite, it is a perfect product for the different kinds of outdoor activities that are now a lot easier to pursue, thanks to the ingenious Paracord Bracelet. It will become one of your essential survival tools.


✅ 2 Pack
✅ Fits small and big wrists
✅ Type III – 550 Nylon Paracord
✅ Mold, Mildew, and Rot Resistant


❌ Individual items are not sold separately
❌ Stiff when new – have a bit of a break-in period
❌ Compass is sensitive and may not be completely accurate


To make your own survival bracelet, all you have to do is unravel and separate the different strands of paracord and then twist them together. Then, you can make as many knots as you want. The most common knots used in survival bracelets are the granny, clove, and clove hitch. But there are many different knots that can be used as well. Once you have made the knots, you can then evenly spread the strands out and twist them together. That’s how you make your survival bracelet. You close them with a buckle or secure clasp. But, of course, making one takes some time and a basic understanding of paracord knots. That’s why professionals recommend that you get a survival bracelet kit. These are usually made with high-quality paracord and include all the tools that are you need to make your journey into the woods more comfortable.
Paracord consists of an outer sheath that contains several inner yarns, each composed in turn of up to three strands. Nylon is the traditional material employed in paracord, but as we’ve already mentioned polyester is also used.
Typically includes 20 or more feet of paracord. You can never really have too much paracord, but given your ability to fashion a longer piece of rope or string by knotting or melt-fusing individual strands the compact braided survival bracelet is a convenient, space-efficient way to have a useful amount at the ready.
That depends on your situation. If you go on a trip, you might have to use it right away for a survival purpose. If that’s the case, remember to salvage any paracord and the clip of your bracelet. You might be able to refurbish the bracelet later with new materials. However, in most cases, you’ll end up buying a new bracelet to replace the old one. It’s for this reason that survival bracelets are so affordable. They’re a piece of kit with a replaceable design.
You can expect to pay around $6 on the market’s low-end and up to $30 for premium models. The average price for a survival bracelet is approximately $10. As mentioned, this piece of kit is not expensive. You have the option of picking up a few different types to see which style you enjoy for survival conditions.

While you can find variables for style and features it may depend on your purpose of use and intent. Is this for wilderness survival? Urban survival? What do you want for your survival bracelet material?
Common features or tools available are:

  • Military grade Paracord rope
  • Flint fire starter or starter rod
  • Steel survival knife
  • Fishing Hook
  • Multi – tools
  • Wire saw
  • Loud Whistle
  • Compass