Secure Your Wine Rack For An Earthquake

Red wine can leave a terrible stain.Either learn to get wine stains off your walls and carpets when your wine rack comes tumbling down in an earthquake, or secure it to the wall.  Whether you have a wine library, or a handful of bottles stored in the dining room, you will need to secure those bottles so you do not end up with a red wine mess of epic proportions.  Securing your wine rack for an earthquake is easy, and only takes a few minutes.
drill or screwdriver
nylon earthquake furniture straps
rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes
museum putty or wine leashes, also you survival multi tool can come in handy.
1. Secure Your Wine Rack to the Wall For An EarthquakeLocate wall studs behind wine rack using stud finder and mark with a pencil.Attach furniture straps to marked wall studs using drill or screw-driver.Clean the surface of the wine rack where you plan to affix the Velcro with alcohol wipes and let dry thoroughly.Attach furniture straps to the wine rack with at least an inch and a half of give to allow for shaking.Attach a second strap for even weight distribution.

2. Secure Your Wine Bottles To the Wine Rack For An Earthquake
Clean the surface of the wine rack shelf with an alcohol wipe to make the putty adhere cleanly.Make a two pinky-sized balls of earthquake putty for each bottle and affix them to the wine bottle where it touches the rack.Press the wine bottle carefully onto the wine rack.Repeat as needed until all your wine bottles are safe.If you feel that using putty is just not enough security for your wines, consider wine leashes.  These can be attached to each bottle and the wine rack and will stabilize the bottles during an earthquake.