Quake Hike Series: Hayward Fault: Hard to See but Easy to Find

Where’s the Hayward Fault?  I remember being asked that question in a geography class by Professor Hess at CCSF many years ago.  A few people in class volunteered some vague ideas, but we had to admit after a few minutes that we really had no idea what route the Hayward Fault actually takes through the East Bay.  So my professor told us “okay, in that case, when you are in the East Bay, just look for schools, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations.  In many cases, these essential services were located right on the fault trace since the fault trace is the flattest and most evenly graded land in the region.”

What’s to See at The Hayward Fault

Fortunately, there is a lot more to see along the Hayward Fault than civic buildings.  The fault creates some stunning landscapes, and the scarps provide marvelous vistas if you are willing to climb them.  Some of the prettiest views are best accessed on foot, so why not take a hike along the Hayward Fault?

Finding the Hayward Fault can make for a beautiful hike through Oakland and Berkeley, as these photos in the Oakland Geology blog can attest. The Walking the Fault blog is just what it says, and provides maps and pictures to guide you through the sections of the fault they have walked.  A walk along the Hayward Fault makes it easy to see why we settle in earthquake country: it’s beautiful! Grab your tactical backpack and hit the trail!

By Elizabeth Rood