Six Best Paracords Review 2021: Buyer Guide for Beginners

Are you inclined towards crafting various things using paracord, or perhaps you’re an outdoor enthusiast accustomed to hiking or camping? Indeed, this substance proves to be highly versatile. For instance, you can fabricate durable ropes for jumping or tailor the grip of your knife with it. Some individuals employ it to manufacture striking, multicolored, and bespoke survival bracelets. The skill lies in knowing how to correctly braid or wrap the paracord. With these types of accessories, there is an abundance of options available in the market. However, your selection should be steered by your specific needs and the tactical function you intend to allocate to the paracord. Discover our purchasing guide here, which can assist you in choosing the appropriate product.

What is it?

During the second world war, 550 paracords were used for the carrying lines of parachutes. In those military circles, the same cord was reused because of its versatile properties.

Today the rope is no longer used for skydiving. However, it is still a popular product precisely because of its multifunctionality. The cord has proven its usefulness in many other areas. For example, in the outdoor world, the line is trendy because it is strong, durable, and reliable. Moreover, it can be split into several cord lengths. Paracord has a pleasant texture and is a very flexible item. It allows you to use it in all kinds of creations. For example, if you make a paracord survival bracelet, you have an excellent way to always have a piece with you. You can’t make it that crazy, or someone made it out of paracord, from belts to keyrings and from handbags to flower boxes and shelter.

Paracord Composition

Paracord has a nylon sheath with a core of various nylon inner threads. These parts can be easily separated from each other. The strands from the body can be further disentangled. For example, from one meter of 550, paracord one obtains 15 meters of cord. The fine nylon threads can serve, for example, as yarn, fire starter or as fishing lines. The hollow mantle itself also offers plenty of options – a completely useful item.

Types of Paracord

There are different types of paracord available on the market, ranging from Type I to Type IV paracord. The difference is in the number of core wires and the pulling power. That is why paracord is also referred to as the pulling force. For example, Type III paracord is also called 550 paracords because it has a pulling force of 550 lbs. (249 kg).

What Make Cords a Paracord

A paracord is super strong and has a very favourable strength/weight ratio. The braided pattern can recognize a paracord. Here, strands of nylon thread are braided around an equally braided sheath. This interwoven design makes the paracord so legendary and robust.

How to Choose a Useful Paracord

 A paracord is a multipurpose material. It can be used as survival gear or to make beautiful utility items. Available in various models, it is chosen with care and according to the use to which you assign it. Before looking for where to buy a new paracord, it is essential to determine which type you need.

Six Best Paracords Review 2021

Are you passionate about creating paracord items? You will find in the list below the best products of the moment. Choose from them the one that inspires you the most.

1. PARACORD PLANET Paracord (50+ Colors) – 1,000 Foot spools – 250 Foot spools – 100 feet Hank

PARACORD PLANET Paracord (50+ Colors) - 1,000 Foot spools - 250 Foot spools - 100 feet Hank

Paracord Planet paracord is made in the US by certified us, government contractors, ensuring strength and durability. Multi-purpose cable prepared for anything you require it to get. Paracord Planet’s parachute rope is ideal for camping, biking, crafting, which makes paracord jobs such as necklaces, lanyards, bracelets or cozies, self-employed gear, wrap hatchets, knives, or resources, it is good to have in the lake, in your ships, such as boy scout and girl scout troops.

Paracord Planet’s paracord is UV and mold/mildew resistant. The cord has a smooth texture that doesn’t fray with friction. Paracord Planet is a US-owned business and strives to supply you with the best and most challenging cord you need for any situation!


✅ 100% Made in the USA

✅ UV Fade Resistant

✅ Type III Nylon Paracord

✅ 550lbs Tensile Strength

✅ Approximately 4mm in Diameter (.16 inches)

✅ 32-Strand Interwoven Nylon Sheath

✅ Mold, Mildew, and Rot Resistant

✅ 7 Nylon Inner Strands


❌ Although there are multiple colour options, you may not get your desired colour

❌ It may be expensive for some people

❌ It’s NOT for people who don’t want a cord that is made in the United States

2. TOUGH-GRID 750lb Paracord/Parachute Cord 

This paracord is REAL Type IV Mil-Spec ParaCord, as opposed to many other paracord brands on the shops… and it’s built in the US! TOUGH-GRID® Paracord exceeds or meets the Mil-C-5040-H specifications that the United States Military created. We know the United States Military is stringent when it comes to specialized gear. Also, they won’t tolerate any of their suppliers skimping on quality!

This 750lb parachute cord is used by the Military for cargo parachutes, whereas a 550lb mil-spec parachute cord is used for personnel parachutes. The paracord used for cargo chutes requires plenty of extra strength for the much heavier loads endured during a cargo drop. This Military Grade Paracord has the needed 30 per cent stretch built-in to it. And more attractive is because of UV resistant, abrasion-resistant, and chemical, and made with eleven inner triple-twisted strands, as opposed to seven inner double or triple-twisted strands in 550 cord. That’s where the 200 pounds of extra strength comes from.


✅ Extra Duty Strength

✅ Incredibly Versatile Survival Tool

✅ Five Convenient Lengths

✅ Get the most out of your paracord and make lanyards, bracelets, and other fun projects!

✅ This paracord is Made in the United States


❌ This cord is NOT suitable for people who are looking for the cheapest available option

❌ It’s NOT suitable for people who don’t want a paracord made in the United States

❌ It’s NOT suitable for people who don’t care about the quality of their paracord

3. 620 LB SurvivorCord | 100 FEET | The Original Patented Type III Military 550 Paracord

620 LB SurvivorCord | 100 FEET | The Original Patented Type III Military 550 Paracord

TITAN SurvivorCord is a parachute cord that integrates three potentially life-saving survival strands into a popular high-performance MIL-SPEC 550 cord. This paracord is made from 100% Nylon, is 5mm in diameter, and contains 21 individual strands, braided into seven seriously strong 3-strand yarns. It has then integrated a single strand of waterproof waxed jute to deploy as a fire starter, a 25-lb. mono-filament fishing line for catching food, and a 30 AWG wire used for snares conductive wire and other emergency needs. SurvivorCord is your most excellent paracord replacement and can also be referred to as Survival Cord for every emergency situation.


✅ It is Exclusive Patented Paracord

✅ It contains a single translucent, 25 pounds—Evaluation, higher power mono-filament fishing line, which may be utilized when crucial protein is only meters off

✅ It has Waxed Jute Tinder that is specifically designed to start fires in an emergency quickly

✅ It has the best fire-starting strand on the market

✅ It comes with a Multi-Purpose Wire


❌ It is not for people who can compromise with quality but not with low prices

❌ You may not consider Waxed Jute Tinder suitable for you

4. WEREWOLVES 550 Paracord Type III

WEREWOLVES 550 Paracord Type III

Whether you’re just beginning or advanced in this starter kit, you will discover all the vital accessories to make your Paracord job: 10x 10 ft paracord, ten buckles, two carabiners, and two critical rings. More colors and total paracord accessories to offer flexible options for many applications.

It is a Type III Commercial Grade paracord with a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds. The seven responsible strands are encompassed with a closely woven sheath. It won’t break down in times of demand.

You can keep this in a bug-out bag, in your home, garage, toolbox, shed, fishing boat, backpack, hike pack, use as shoelaces, or use it for fishing line, sewing, repairs, crafting, and more! Consider it tools for multi-tasking.


✅ It comes with a complete Paracord Kit

✅ It is a High-Quality Paracord

✅ It can be used for Multi-Purpose

✅ It is an Ideal Gift Choice


❌ It is not for people who can compromise with quality but not with low prices

❌ Although there are multiple color options, you do not get your desired color

5. TOUGH-GRID 550lb Paracord

TOUGH-GRID 550lb Paracord

It is packaged according to different Lengths. (fifty, hundred, and one hundred and fifty footers come coiled in bags, two-hundred footers on a tube, and five hundred and thousand footers on a spool. A thousand footers may come in up to two non-spliced sections.) Cord diameter size measures 1/8″ (+/- 1/32″). Helpful if you had a high-quality paracord but don’t need 750lbs of strength; This is your “go-to” source for a great type 3 mil-spec paracord.

If you Are in a survival situation, you will be Happy your bracelet, etc., is made with a high-quality cord. Our 100% Nylon (7 Triple-Strands) TOUGH-GRID cable is spliced and is made in the USA with pride, which provides you that good feeling you have everything you paid for to keep America healthy.

Tough as Nails While Soft and Flexible. Spending time outdoors is a great pastime but can be dangerous. Safety and preparation are critical, especially for the young and old, who are much more vulnerable to the elements. TOUGH-GRID Paracord gives you an excellent lifeline when your family needs some robust and lightweight cordage. You’re able to take pleasure in the outside knowing you’ve got the top 550 paracords about and can count on it as one of your essential survival tools.


✅ This paracord has hundreds of reviews from US Military Veterans

✅ Use this paracord whenever you need super strong, light cordage

✅ You have different packaging options so you can get it according to your budget

✅ It can be used for Multi-Purpose


❌ Although there are multiple color options, you do not get your desired color

6. 1,000 LB SurvivorCord XT | 100 FEET | Patented Military Type IV 750 Paracord

1,000 LB SurvivorCord XT | 100 FEET | Patented Military Type IV 750 Paracord

TITAN Survival’s products are trusted by Outdoor Enthusiasts and Military Forces and all around the world. Because high quality means high Performance, it is patented SurvivorCord XT integrates three potential life-saving survival strands into its famous Military-Style Type IV 750 cord. The paracord itself exceeds or meets MIL-C-5040 Strength Standards for Type IV paracord. The other details you can read on Amazon.



✅ It is a Patented Next Gen Paracord

✅ It comes in Polyester Blend or Proprietary Nylon

✅ It comes with a 110 Lb Kevlar Utility Line

✅ It has Waxed Jute Tinder that is specifically designed to start fires in an emergency quickly

✅ It has the best fire-starting strand on the market


❌ It is not for people who can compromise with quality but not with low prices

❌ You may not consider Waxed Jute Tinder suitable for you

Buying Guide for Beginners

  1. For Sports Enthusiasts

Type III or 550 paracord 550 are used a lot in sports. Their Diameter measures 4 millimeters. This type is distinguished by the great solidity to which it testifies. Usually, their breaking strength is 250 kilograms. It has many advantages. It does not decompose, dries quickly, and is immune to mold. It is designed not to deteriorate. You will easily find a buying guide for the best paracords and the biggest brands on the trade.

Known as the rope parachute, it was initially used in the lines of parachutes by the Americans. It has become the survival equipment for all outdoor sports lovers such as mountaineering, hiking, climbing.

     2. The Making of Braids & Tensile Strength

Some models are specially intended for the design of various items. Thus, to make fashion accessories, the micro paracord is perfect. It is more aesthetic. Available in multiple colors, it allows you to create beautiful thin bracelets. Its Diameter is 1.18 millimeters. It will enable you to thread the small decorative beads easily.

Choose the 100 types I paracord or the 425 types II paracords for making practical items such as knife handles, key rings, belts, nets, harnesses, shoelaces…. They measure 1.6 and 3 millimeters in diameter, respectively. They are more resistant and more flexible. Therefore, they are easier to braid, tie or untie. Above all, do not hesitate to ask your merchant for advice before choosing a particular model.

     3. Polyester or Nylon: Which Paracord is Better Nylon or Polyester?

You have determined which type is right for you and would like to know how to buy a paracord that is better value for money. For optimal use, choose your model according to the material of manufacture. The market today offers Nylon and polyester items. They are both healthy, reliable, and give you good elasticity.

The difference is that the nylon ones are the historical models and the polyester ones are recent. Also, polyester paracords are firmer, less sliding, and less slippery. On the other hand, you can quickly get a sticky paste by heating the Nylon one. Thus, the junctions between the different strands of your material will be more robust.

To find your paracord, use a price comparison. The search will be more comfortable and faster. You will also have a better chance of finding high-quality products at an affordable price.


Usually available in creative stores in the form of a bracelet, paracord is a handy accessory if you engage in hiking, climbing, and much more. While this heavy-duty, sheathed multi-strand nylon rope item is simple on the surface, you need a few methods to know how to use it properly.

A paracord is an accessory known for the diversity of its uses. Thus, it is possible to use the bracelet’s rope to make traps that will allow you to have the food you have when you are in the middle of nature, for example. If you are using a bow or wood, you will be delighted to pivot the latter with the paracord bracelet cord.

Very strong, the paracord is also used to make a tourniquet which will be of great use to you in case of injury. It is not uncommon for the laces of your shoes to break during your hikes. When such a situation arises, it also constitutes an exciting means of conceiving it. It can also be an excellent line for fishing.

Finally, it is possible to use it for hanging your survival knife at the end of a handle. You can then use it to make a spear. The possibilities are endless. It’s up to you to think about the use of the model that suits you.

You can expect to pay around $6 on the market’s low-end and up to $30 for premium models. The average price for a survival bracelet is approximately $10. As mentioned, this piece of kit is not expensive. You have the option of picking up a few different types to see which style you enjoy for survival conditions or EDC.