Telstar Logistics is Totally Unprepared

Today we meet host Ron Haralson, Los Angeles County Fire Captain, and human Swiss army knife.

Ron’s got the expertise and the guts to get you out of the burning building and dig you out from under that rubble, but he’d prefer you install the smoke detector, and secure the bookcase to the wall. The best way to survive is to prepare. He says he speaks for firefighters everywhere.

Telstar Logistics

Todd Lappin, better known as the CEO of Telstar Logistics, is not exactly a wilting violet. The guy likes to explore abandoned military bases, transportation facilities and with his tactical backpack meets the black diamond peaks of Tahoe with glee.

Able to talk himself onto the maiden flights of airplanes, the last trips of scrapped battleships, and secret street races, he’s got a great stream of photographs of it all on Flickr.

Preparing for skiing, check – preparing for earthquakes – doh!Todd in a US Navy C-2 Transport Plane – but are his pictures secured at home? Jr. Race Fan, Extreme skiing, flying in US Naval planes and car racing. Can you imagine having a dad that cool?

Miel can. Todd’s daughter is three years old. The two of them live in San Francisco, in a house Todd gutted and redesigned himself, with his own sense of industrial chic, down to the retro chemical lab eye washing station.

Ron shows up at Todd and Miel’s house and measures their disaster preparedness against their cool with our Earthquake Safety Checklist. Todd’s taken the time to install a floor-to-ceiling multi-media system on industrial computer racks between concrete pillars, but has he attached his pantry shelves to the wall? How about the bookcase looming over his daughter’s bed? Pictures? Refrigerator? Earthquake kit?

It’s no surprise that Todd’s blasé about getting an earthquake simulator. He has no fear. What’s surprising is that little Miel runs right in with him. (We really weren’t expecting that.) That’s Daddy’s little girl!

You think he’s going to prepare for his daughter as well as his computer now?

Media guide available: Episode 1 Telstar Logistics Fact Sheet.