Telstar Logistics Learns to Drop, Cover and Hold On

Everybody loves a fire fighter!  They’re our real-life superheroes who save us from danger and are dedicated to protecting us while risking their own lives.

Well, maybe except for Ron, at least as far as Miel’s concerned.  Ron’s scared a toddler in an earthquake simulator, wrecking forever her real-life superhero ideal!

Now we get to watch him try and rebuild her trust by drilling her to drop, cover and hold on all over the house.

What a way to start a relationship!

But that’s okay, because Miel’s got her own real-life superhero dad.

And the best thing about him is that he teaches Miel about all the things she needs to know to be her own superhero, like jet planes, snowmobiles, and Drop, Cover and Hold On. He’s getting prepared, and they’ll both learn what to do to survive an earthquake.

Jet BlastPuddle Jumper
She’s already got her superhero run, jump and climb skills perfected!