Telstar Logistics Needs to Secure That Bookshelf

One Earthquake is all it would take to make this stuff fly

Daddy, I had a nightmare that I was crushed under a pile of books and toys. When Ron reviewed Todd and Miel’s house with the Earthquake Safety Checklist, he was surprised to find a curio-laden bookshelf directly above little Miel’s bed.

In quintessential Telstar Logistics fashion it was loaded with awesome artifacts and mementos of a life full of fun and adventure, but it was a top-heavy shaking disaster waiting to happen. If an earthquake were to happen at night or during naptime, the whole bookshelf could land on little Miel in bed!  A quick and easy solution for securing your bookshelf

How to prepare to survive the disaster: Secure bookcases and move beds away from potential falling objects.As a conscientious firefighter, or maybe just as a rational human being, Ron could not believe Todd let her daughter sleep every night with her pillow directly underneath this potential tower of tumbling toys and books.

Good thing Ron put them in the Big Shaker. Yeah, he scared a little girl, but he might have saved her life by scaring her dad a little too. After getting hit by all those books and cups flying off the shelves in the Big Shaker, Todd admitted Miel’s bookcase was a danger.  

In just 15 minutes, the bookshelf was secured. Ron and Todd strapped it to the wall studs. Then cute fabric bins were velcroed to the shelves to hold Miel’s toys and books so they won’t slide out on top of her, and all of the light-weight Sci-Fi curios and pictures were anchored to the bookself with museum putty. But the really heavy ones were moved to a lower, safer location.

After securing the bookcase, Ron moved her bed across the room. The room still looks cool, but now its safe for Miel to sleep in too.

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