When you think earthquake think fire safety too

Fire is often one of the last things we think of when we are talking about earthquakes. After all, it is not a direct cause of earthquakes however, it can be a problem when earthquakes break power lines and gas lines in more dangerous scenarios. Like the San Francisco fire in 1906 where majority of the damage was actually caused by fire. This is why it is important to ensure that you don’t have any fire hazards at your home when you are prepping for earthquakes.

Think earthquake think fire safety

An earthquake can cause power cuts and using candles for light is a viable option however, it does not provide the necessary illumination besides being another fire hazard itself. Light is also one of the most basic necessities and you should not have to rely on matchsticks or candles in the dark.

This is why going with a flashlight will be your best bet. However, which flash light is best? There are hundreds of low quality choices in the market so trying to find a good one in them can be quite the time consuming task. We are here to make that job easier for you. We have curated a list of the best tactical flashlights in the market to help you pick the best one.