Where Will You Be On Shakeout Day? On A Walk With a Dog Pal…

On Thursday October 20th at 10:20am, millions of people all over California will be holding an earthquake drill in concert. What will they be doing? Drop, cover and hold on, that’s what!. Take a moment and register for the Great California ShakeOut. It’s the easiest and most life-saving step of your disaster preparedness.

Where Will You Be On Shakeout Day

Totally Unprepared team member Elizabeth Rood, who is a devoted fan of dogs, cats and the city of San Francisco, tells us she may very well be out on a walk in Golden Gate Park with her dog friend Percy when an earthquake strikes.   If an earthquake happens when YOU are outside, drop, cover, and hold on to get your center of gravity low and avoid falling branches.  If you have a dog pal make sure he or she has an earthquake kit too.

Where are you likely to be on ShakeOut Day at 10:20am? Be a survival story, register for the Great California ShakeOut.