Where will you be on ShakeOut day? At the archery range?

On Thursday, October 20th at 10:20am, millions of people all over California will practice what to do in the case of an earthquake.  The answer is pretty simple: DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON.  Take a moment and register for the Great California ShakeOut.  It’s the easiest and most life-saving step of your disaster preparedness.

At the archery range?

Totally Unprepared team member Shabbir Safdar, an avid archery fan, tells us he’s likely to be at the Golden Gate archery range, probably pulling arrows out of a hay bale.  Even if you’re outside, you should drop and cover, and if possible, hold on.  There’s not much to get under at the archery range, but you can still get down and protect your head.

Where are you likely to be on ShakeOut Day at 10:20am?  Be a survival story, register for the Great California ShakeOut.

Try playing the QuakeQuizSF game, a fun way to learn what the right way to react in different situations when an earthquake hits.  For the last word on “what should do where”, see our Drop, Cover, and Hold On page and our hands-down favourite video, try the Caribbean dancehall version of “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”.