Will it shake

One careful look around our homes can show us that we have a lot of things that are loosely kept on shelves and other places. While this is not a problem in normal situations, Earthquakes are anything but normal. Even the smallest tremors can cause things like frames to fall down if they are not secured properly. Below are some of the things around our house that we must take special care of.

Wine Racks

A wine rack is a classy addition to the home of any wine lover. It achieves the need for storing wine bottles conveniently while also looking much better than something like a refrigerator. It is also possible to store a lot more bottles on a wine rack than it would be on a traditional shelf.

Wine racks are great and can be placed on a wide variety of places, these include counter tops, floors, walls etc. However, if you are someone who lives in an Earthquake prone region then you might want to be extra careful on ensuring that the bottles will not fall off during tremors.

Decorative Items

There are many decorative items that we store on shelves and hang around our house. This could be something common like photo frames or something special and fragile like a snow globe collection. Many of such decorative items are made of glass and will likely shake and fall down from a shelf if they are not properly secured in advanced. This is why being prepared for an earthquake is very important.

Earthquake Preparedness

Now that you have secured everything in your house it is time to make sure that you own all the essential gear for the time after an earthquake. Power cuts are one of the most common failures that occur which is why we recommend the best emergency lanterns as an essential part of every household. There can also be water cuts caused due to damaged pipes during an earthquake. In such cases access to filtered clean water may not be available for some time. This is where survival water filters come in. These can also be very useful on camping trips out in the wilderness.